Insurance can be obtained fairly easily for tiny houses built by certified RV manufacturers. For other tiny homes, finding insurance can be challenging. If you’re going to build your own tiny house, contact potential companies before you start.

Lloyds of London provides limited insurance (for residents of AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR and UT) and is considering expanding to other states. Contact Darrell Grenz of Grenz Insurance at

In Florida, Blackadar Insurance Agency can provide insurance for tiny houses on wheels or foundations, even those that are owner-built. Contact Stephanie Lewis at 407-571-6421 or Stephanie estimates that the rate to insure a $30,000 home in an RV park in Orange County, FL would be about $800 a year.

Shelter Insurance has expressed an interest in insuring tiny homes:

We are exploring other options and hope to have more choices for you in the near future.