Our team is 100% volunteer – no one receives any compensation for work at the American Tiny House Association.

Term length is two years for directors, one year for officers, and one year for state chapter leaders. Limit of four consecutive terms for all directors, officers and state chapter leaders.

Directors, Advisors, and State Chapter Leaders are listed alphabetically by last name, followed by term. To contact someone, please use the email address firstname.lastname@americantinyhouseassociation.org, substituting the name of the person you’d like to reach.


  • Will Johnston, 08/15 – 07/17

  • Lisa Ward, 01/16 – 07/17

  • Amy Turnbull, 01/16 – 07/17

  • Chris Galusha, 5/16 – 07/17

  • John Kernohan, 10/16-07/18

  • Aaron Kipfmiller, 10/16-07/18

  • René Hardee, 10/16-07/18

  • Ginger Reichl, 10/16-07/18


  • President: Chris Galusha

  • Vice President: Amy Turnbull

  • Treasurer: Lisa Ward

  • Secretary: Ginger Reichl


  • Affordable & Transitional Housing: Andrew Heben, Square One Villages

  • Design and Codes: Jay Shafer, Four Lights Tiny House Company

  • Downsizing: Lina Menard, Niche Design Build

  • Travel: Jenna & Guillaume, Tiny House Giant Journey

  • Construction & Design: Abel Zimmerman Zyl, Zyl Vardos

State Chapter Leaders

  • National Coordinator: Alexis Stephens, Tiny House Expedition

  • Alabama: Thom Stanton, Timber Trails

  • Alaska: Houston Tucker, Alaska Tiny Homes

  • Arizona: Darin Dinsmore
  • California: Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • California, Los Angeles: Tessa Baker, Latch Collective

  • Colorado: Cheryl Coates, Tiny Diamond Homes

  • District of Columbia: Brian Levy, Micro Showcase

  • Florida: Rene’ Hardee and Cy Englert
  • Georgia: Will Johnston, Tiny House Atlanta

  • Illinois: Erin Schneider
  • Kansas: Brandon Irwin
  • Kentucky: Ryan Langford
  • Louisiana: Aimee Smallwood, Tiny House Depot
  • Indiana: Chris Parker
  • Maine: Alan Plummer, Southern Maine Meet Up Group

  • Massachusetts: Dana Christensen, Greater Boston Tiny House Enthusiasts

  • Maryland: Todd Decato
  • Michigan: Aaron Kipfmiller, Great Lakes Tiny Homes

  • Minnesota: Lucas Tschumper
  • Mississippi: Walt Durling
  • Missouri: Steve Eidson, Shed Easy

  • Nebraska: Matt Maly
  • New Jersey: Sharon Hurley, Building a Tiny Life

  • New Mexico: Jess Radle, Piney Pods

  • New York: Stephanie Swank, Upstate New York Tiny House Meetup

  • North Carolina: Brian Kennedy

  • Oregon: Lori Slaughter and Sarah Stebbins

  • Pennsylvania: Aaron Troisi, The Unknown Craftsman

  • Tennessee: Sarah and John Murphy, Music City Tiny House

  • Utah: Jason Coulam, LiveSmall Homes

  • Washington: James Weaver, City Building Official, Bainbridge Island

Past Directors & Officers

Founders & Directors, Feb. to Aug. 2015

  • Andrew Heben
  • Robert Reed
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • William Rockhill
  • Elaine Walker

Officers, Feb. to Aug. 2015

  • President: William Rockhill
  • Vice President: Robert Reed
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Roberts
  • Secretary: Elaine Walker