Our team is 100% volunteer – no one receives any compensation for work at the American Tiny House Association.

Term length is two years for directors, one year for officers, and one year for state chapter leaders. Limit of four consecutive terms for all directors, officers and state chapter leaders.

Directors, Advisors, and State Chapter Leaders

To contact someone, please use the email address firstname.lastname@americantinyhouseassociation.org, substituting the name of the person you’d like to reach.


  • Amy Turnbull, 10/16-10/18

  • Aaron Kipfmiller

  • Michael Buccino, 10/17-10/19

  • Jim Manley, 10/17-10/19

  • Katie Jackson, 12/17 – 12/19

  • Interim Executive Director:



Executive Officers

  • President: Amy Turnbull

  • Vice President: Aaron Kipfmiller
  • Treasurer: Kevin Polk
  • Secretary:






    • Affordable & Transitional Housing: Andrew Heben, Square One Villages

  • Design and Codes: Jay Shafer, Four Lights Tiny House Company

  • Downsizing: Lina Menard, Niche Design Build

  • Travel: Jenna & Guillaume, Tiny House Giant Journey

  • Construction & Design: Abel Zimmerman Zyl, Zyl Vardos