Keep calm and just give me what I want.
What benefits would you like to receive from your tiny house association? What tasks should the association complete? What will success look like? Below are some ideas.

  • construction guidelines – guidelines only, or something more like an official certification?
  • house building workshops
  • community building workshops
  • discounts on tiny house products and services – which products or services would be most helpful?
  • information on current zoning regulations
  • newsletter on tiny house happenings
  • other…

Please comment to share what YOU want. If you’re not a member, you can give feedback via our Facebook group.

Some State Chapter Leaders are sharing their goals (what they hope to achieve in their role as leader) on their state pages. Please see Amy Turnbull’s goals for Oregon and Rene’ Hardee’s for Florida.

Feedback received via email and Facebook

Survey results as of October 18th 4:00 PM

• Information on current zoning regulations – 20
• Construction guidelines or a more official certification? – 14
• House building workshops – 12
• Community building workshops – 11
• Discounts on tiny house products and services – 10
• Lobbying for better zoning laws – 8
• Newsletter on tiny house happenings – 7


  • Occasional Google hangouts with the Association leaders might be a great way to have accessible, active dialogue on the efforts & updates of the group. More engagement with members & transparency, could mean even more excitement & involvement from members, leading to more motivated members. That’s a big part of what success would like for me.
  • Work towards legality of tiny houses & zoning law info.
  • We definitely need to focus on legislative changes and zoning laws … Mission & Vision Statements that every task is checked against to ensure the committee does not stray. !Goals!Goals!Goals!
  • Work towards legality of tiny houses & zoning law info.
  • Consistent across the board easy access to the laws and regulations involving tiny houses in your location. From there designing a simple standardized code that is easy and straight forward to petition your local government to adopt. Success would be adoption of that code on a wide scale.
  • I would like to see our Leadership:
    1) reach out to builders and developers on behalf of the organization, so
    we would have a go-to list when the time comes to develop a community.
    2) some tips and/or tricks regarding finding affordable land and
    negotiation tactics to use (for example, I didn’t know anything about Land
    Trusts, contingency plans, proformas, etc. when I started this).
    3) provide guidance on how to utilize the non-profit status of the ATHA
    locally, or on how to form our own non-profit, and the benefits of doing
    so (if any).
    4) provide sample HOA/co-housing documents to edit
    5) give a “thank you” call to the State Chapter Leaders that have
    successfully implemented change and a “how can we help you” conversation.
    And the same call to the on-board municipalities.
  • A map showing what regions are tiny house friendly. I know this can be region specific so map would need to break down smaller or at least list what cities etc. Can be color coded for different types of legislation.- packet of information on how to tackle changing your local laws. With stats, numbers, what has worked what doesn’t work.
    – as far as building seminars etc. While they are awesome and much appreciated I think it distracts from the mission of changing laws. If the focus and mission is to change laws then that needs to be the focus. Put out more information for that purpose not on how to build there are already people out there for that
    – that being said you can do information as far as building codes and safety but not actual building per se.
    – a road map of what the association is doing to change laws. How we can help. Where they are heading. Goals. Let us see where this association hopes to be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.I think that is a start I am sure I will come up with more. Basically as an organization stay focused to one goal so that that goal can be attained. Don’t get sidetracked with all these other things that would be nice but not directly to the main goal. Right now the goal is to change laws and regulations for tiny houses (but to what). So everything you put out should be in regards to changing laws and how others can change laws to. Plus if we had a map where things are changing we can show that to local municipalities to show a trend of change.
  • Lobbying for tiny house regulations and zoning at the state levels and then work your way down to the counties then city.Building seminars are fine and all but more people run into zoning problems and law issues. We need an organization that will fight for our rights.That kind of organization I would pay to be a part of. Supplement that income by compiling information and sell ebooks/DVDs etc at affordable prices ($60 is the cheapest I’ve seen and that’s too much!)