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An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a small or tiny house on the same property (usually in the backyard) of a larger, existing home. Many towns allow accessory dwelling units in some neighborhoods but the rules vary greatly. Below are examples, but be sure to check with your local zoning board to find out what the regulations are for your property.

Sample Rules:

  1. The owner of the property must live in one homes.
  2. The ADU may be rented but the minimum length rental period is
    [some number] OR the ADU may not be rented out.
  3. The ADU must be inhabited by a relative OR the ADU must be inhabited by a caretaker.
  4. The ADU must between [one number] square feet and [another number] square feet.
  5. The ADU requires a building permit and must be constructed to code. (Note: This is true in most places. However, some towns are now allowing tiny houses on wheels as ADUs.)
  6. The ADU must be owned by the same person that owns the larger home.
  7. The ADU must be of the same architectural style as the larger home.
  8. A helpful site is Accessory Dwelling Units. Below are posts with additional information on ADUs.

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