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Not enough places to live tiny where you want to be?

ATHA can help you change that!

Too few legal places to live is the biggest problem in going tiny.

It’s a source of difficulty and frustration for tiny house dwellers and lost financial opportunity for the businesses ready to serve them. Whether you already live tiny, or hope to one day, it just makes sense to work now to change the rules so that your preferred lifestyle will be a viable option in the place you want to live.

ATHA volunteers across the country are helping craft the tiny friendly ordinances that your community needs too. Instead of reinventing the wheel, help support their work. Then put their experiences—both good and bad—to use helping right-size the housing policies where you want to live. Let’s be honest. Changing the rules is hard. It takes time. But it will go better with your help, and may not happen at all without it.

Here are three things you can do today to support tiny-friendly change.

Become a Member
Sign up for a Workshop
Start a Local Chapter

Our members provide essential funding for our work to increase the number of legal spots for tiny Houses, nationally and in your  community.

Become a local expert by learning about implementation strategies that could work where you live. Taught by the tiny house leaders who are pioneering them.

Work for tiny-friendly change in your community

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