State Chapter Leaders:
Rene’ Hardee, member of the Rockledge, Florida Planning Commission
Cy Englert, email:

Rene’s Goals as State Chapter Leader
My plan for Florida is to first create a successful Tiny House Community
in Rockledge. Once the concept is proven, then to market the community to
progressively larger municipalities until reaching the State level. I
think I will be more successful using this grassroots approach versus
approaching the State first and working from the top down because the
state is going to want working examples.

With this plan in mind, some of the challenges I am currently facing:
1) finding affordable land (in a desirable area…)
2) finding developers/builders that want to bother with such a small project
3) benefits and options afforded with non-profit community status and how
to go about achieving this
4) HOA and co-housing regulations; i.e. how to manage a community and
ensure longevity