Washington County, UT passes tiny house friendly zoning

The county has had a lot of inquiries about tiny homes, county planner Scott Messel said, which was unexpected because lots in

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Dandridge, TN gives initial approval to tiny houses on foundations

Dandridge Council gave first reading approval to regulations for “tiny houses” doing their regular session last Tuesday. The town’s planning commission developed

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Park County, CO allows tiny houses of about 250 sq ft

22. What is the smallest cabin/house I can build? Recent changes to the Park County Land Use Regulations eliminate the previous minimum dwelling

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ADU regulations for Woodland, WA

Tiny houses on foundations are allowed as backyard cottages in Woodland. They must be between 300 and 800 sq ft. Here are

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Are tiny houses coming to Salem, OR?

Tiny Mountain Houses photo special to the Statesman Journal Tiny houses, granny flats, backyard cottages. Whatever you call them, they’re

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Tiny houses on wheels approved as backyard cottages in Ojai, CA

Ojai, CA City Council meeting June 28, 2016 The Ojai, California Planning Commission has been directed to draft amendments to include

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North Carolina Tiny House Regulations

Jackson, NC details building & zoning requirements here: http://www.jacksonnc.org/code-enforcement.html. You can scroll down in that link to download their Tiny House Brochure

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Minnesota Senate passes bill to allow ADUs as caregiver cottages

The Minnesota Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation on May 2 authorizing the use and zoning of “tiny homes” as a housing option for

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Iowa Falls reduces square foot requirement for new homes from 600 to 500

In May, the Council of Iowa Falls adopted changes to City Code that reduces the minimum size for new homes from 600

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Pima County, AZ adopts tiny-house-friendly zoning & building codes

Definition: A tiny house is a single family dwelling of maximum 400 square feet Zoning Code Requirements Tiny houses built on permanent

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