Coconino County, Arizona crafts new rules for tiny homes

Collin Bass and his dog Lucca in front of their tiny house in Flagstaff, AZ. Collin Bass started building his tiny

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Tiny House RV regulations in Sarasota county, FL

Sarasota county, FL requires that a park trailer (tiny house RV or park model RV) that stays at an RV park more

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Minnesota Tiny House Code Fact Sheet

Minnesota has written a tiny house code fact sheet: SUMMARY If the tiny house does not: • have a chassis and axles,

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Wasilla Alaska Council puts Moratorium on Tiny Houses

Wasilla, Alasaka So-called ‘Tiny Houses’, ‘Granny Pods’, and the like, may be all the rage in the lower 48, but before

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Aiken County, SC set to allow tiny houses on wheels on their own land

tiny house in Aiken County, SC. Photo by WFXG Folks living in tiny homes are a step closer to permanent

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Living Tiny Legally, Part 1, from Tiny House Expedition

Published on Aug 12, 2016, Living Tiny Legally is a 3 part educational docu-series. It provides an in-depth, inside look into how

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Winston-Salem inches forward on tiny house rules

John Williams of Winston-Salem made a tiny house from this containerized freight module. Photo by David Rolfe Regulations that could determine

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Municipal code creates dilemma for Steilacoom couple living in tiny home

Peter & Shannon Johnson's tiny house The owners of a tiny home that's parked year-round on a residential property in Steilacoom,

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Etowah, Tennessee backlash against tiny houses, sets new minimum sq ft requirements

Main Street, Etowah, TN There will be no tiny houses built in Etowah after the city commissioners amended an ordinance to

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Washington County, UT passes tiny house friendly zoning

The county has had a lot of inquiries about tiny homes, county planner Scott Messel said, which was unexpected because lots in

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