Board denies variance for tiny house community for veterans; nonprofit vows to reapply

It was standing room only at the Land Use Board meeting as attorney for OCEAN Inc. Stephen Smith described the micro

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Seattle Director’s Report on Removing Barriers to ADUs

In September 2014, the City Council adopted Resolution 31547 directingthe Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to explore policy changes that would

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FL State Chapter Leader Rene’ Hardee appointed to Planning Commission

Congratulations to Rene' Hardee, our Florida State Chapter Leader who gained approval for a tiny house community in Rockledge! She was just

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Relaxing rules on “Accessory Dwelling Units” drastically increased affordable housing in Durango

Planners call them Accessory Dwelling Units—plus the inevitable acronym, ADUs. What they mean are the granny flats and in-law apartments sprinkled throughout

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St. Petersburg, Florida ADU regulations

Here are the regulations for accessory dwelling units in St. Petersburg, FL: http://www.stpete.org/ldr_final/16.50.010.pdf

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Lakeland, Florida ADU regulations

Here are the regulations for an accessory dwelling unit in Lakeland, FL: http://www.lakelandgov.net/Portals/CommDev/Planning%20Division/ADU%202015.pdf

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Minnesota to allow tiny houses on wheels in backyards as caregiver units

05/04/2016 - The state is about to pass a law for tiny houses as ADU's that would allow a tiny house on

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Shareable Presentation: Tiny homes on wheels as accessory dwelling units

Here is a PowerPoint presentation created by Dan Fitzpatrick, our California State Chapter Leader. It's similar to the one he used for

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New Hampshire approves ADUs

Builder Paul Morin knows why New Hampshire recently passed a law dealing with the obscure-sounding topic of “accessory dwelling units.” There’s a

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Nantucket, MA voters approve tiny houses on wheels on private property

Voters approved by voice vote Isaiah Stover’s citizen’s petition to allow “tiny houses” in most residential zoning districts on the island. The

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