In a win for tiny house enthusiasts, dwellers and builders in Oregon, the State of Oregon Building Codes Division has adopted a tiny-friendly 2018 Reach Code. Effective September 20, 2018, the new Reach Code includes a tiny house section that provides a pathway for legalization for fixed foundation and movable tiny houses.

The 2018 Oregon Reach Code consists of two parts. Part I includes optional energy standards for commercial and residential buildings. Part II includes optional provisions for tiny houses, 400 square feet or less in floor area, not including loft areas.

The Oregon Reach Code is an optional set of standards providing a choice for builders, consumers, contractors, and others. Customers can choose to build to the codes adopted as the State Building Code or to build to this optional Reach Code.

Here’s the best bit:

“R101.4 Local Acceptance. A local building inspection program (municipality) must recognize and accept a permit application for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, or repair of a building or structure in conformance with this code. (see ORS 455.500).”

There are exceptions. Cities can opt out and it exempts municipalities that have already adopted zoning codes that exclude tiny houses.

Here’s a PDF of the code: 2018 Oregon Reach Code