Briley Township in northern Michigan has adapted its zoning regulations to be more tiny house friendly. They have defined a new type of dwelling, an economy efficient dwelling.

  • An Economy Efficient Dwelling is a dwelling that is more than 240 sq ft and less than 500 sq ft with a minimum side elevation of no less than 12 ft and no more than 20 ft, minimum length of 20 feet and a maximum length of 30 ft built to all Michigan building and sanitary codes and qualifies for a certificate of occupancy.
  • An economy efficient dwelling must be placed on a permanent approved foundation.
  • These homes are allowed in residential 2, forest rec, and agriculture areas.

Source:, page 4.

Barry Braun, the Zoning Administration & Enforcement Officer writes, “If I can be of help to you or your members, I do stand ready to answer any questions or assist them with their efforts. While we do not allow movable structures, our ordinance is friendly to smaller residential needs. Our building inspector is also pleased that we have made changes to benefit this national trend.” You can call Barry at (989) 785-4624.

Atlanta (within Briley Township) is the Elk capital of Michigan and has vast amounts of public lands for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, ATV’s and other recreation in the Great Lakes state.