ATHA Launches San Diego Chapter

ATHA Opens Local Chapter in San Diego

American Tiny House Association is opening its first local chapter, in San Diego, CA, kicking off the effort with an advocate training workshop led by State Chapter Leader Dan Fitzpatrick, author of the City of Fresno’s ground-breaking Movable Tiny Houses as Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance.

The workshop will be held Saturday, August 11th at 3 p.m. at Torque Moto Cafe, in San Diego. Tickets cost $10 and are available here.

This workshop is meant to provide tiny house activists with the tools they need to create tiny-friendly change in their local communities. Taught by Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, one of the nation’s most successful advocates for tiny house legalization and author of Fresno’s Tiny House on Wheels as ADU ordinance, the workshop will cover:

–Identifying local information resources you can use;

–Understanding the governmental approval process;

–How to build an effective local coalition;

–How to identify and approach local government leadership;

–How to talk to local government officials;

–Movable Tiny Houses as Accessory Dwelling Units.

Participants will leave with a presentation you can give to local policy-makers!

About the Instructor:

Mr. Fitzpatrick, as a State Chapter Leader of  American Tiny House Association, has made numerous presentations to municipalities thoughout the State of California. Because of his over 40 years of local government and developer experience, he has been working with municipal governments to amend their planning and zoning codes to permit movable tiny houses as ADU’s. He is also working with several California municipalities for demonstration infill tiny home projects.


2:00 – 3:00 pm. Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup (FREE)

Visit with Dan Fitzpatrick, ATHA Executive Director Kevin Polk, and some of the folks helping make tiny living happen in San Diego.

3:00 – 4:00 pm. Workshop with Dan Fitzpatrick ($10)

Help Launch ATHA’s San Diego County Chapter!

Too few legal places to live is the biggest problem in going tiny. It’s a source of difficulty and frustration for tiny house dwellers and lost financial opportunity for the businesses ready to serve them.

Whether you already live tiny, or hope to one day, it just makes sense to work now to change the rules so that your preferred lifestyle will be a viable option in the place you want to live.

ATHA volunteers across the country are helping craft the tiny friendly ordinances that your community needs too. Instead of reinventing the wheel, help support their work. Put their experiences—both good and bad—to use helping right-size the housing policies where you want to live. Let’s be honest. Changing the rules is hard. It takes time. But it will go better with your help, and may not happen at all without it.


Not enough places to live tiny where you want to be? 

ATHA can help you change that!

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