From: Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, ATHA Director of Government Relations and Advocacy

AMAZING NEWS: California Department of Housing and Community Development has gone on record that they “support” the City of LA in its pending ordinance to permit “movable tiny homes” as ADUs.

In a letter dated October 8, 2018 to the City of LA, Paul McDougall, Housing Policy Manager, California HCD, provided comment on the City’s pending ADU ordinance. Specifically, he stated:

“Movable Tiny Homes: HCD supports the City’s efforts to explore and allow a variety of housing choices, including permitting “movable tiny homes” as an ADU.”

HCD is to be commended on joining the effort to expand affordable housing opportunities in California by supporting legalizing movable tiny houses as ADUs.

And a special thank you to ATHA in working with the state and California communities to support movable tiny houses as ADUs.  There is much work to do with each city and county, but having the state HCD on ones side will be very helpful.

Here’s the letter!