Dandridge, TN City HallDandridge Council gave first reading approval to regulations for “tiny houses” doing their regular session last Tuesday.

The town’s planning commission developed the guidelines, which regulate houses in the 100 to 300 square foot range. The tiny house trend started on the West Coast and has become popular across the country. The structures are featured on a Home and Garden television channel show and are considered a way to cut back on consumerism and wastefulness.

The new ordinance, approved unanimously following motions from Council member Ken Thornhill and Vice Mayor Mike Nelson, restricts tiny houses to the R3 (multi-family, high density) zone. They must have permanent foundations, according to the ordinance.

Planners were concerned that a developer could group a large number of tiny houses on a small area. They also wanted to restrict their mobility. Many tiny houses are built on trailers and intended to be moved around.

In the R3 zone, lot sizes are 7,500 square feet.

Source: http://www.standardbanner.com/news/dandridge-gives-initial-approval-to-tiny-houses-regulations/article_c8776270-4d2b-11e6-8ea7-bb865d0b7210.html