Great news courtesy of Tiny Homes of New England: The Massachusetts Board of Building Regulation and Standards (B.B.R.S) has just unanimously voted “YES” to moved forward another step, in the process towards adopting the Tiny House Appendix-Q Building Code!

The proposed amendment to adopt the Tiny House Appendix-Q in Massachusetts will now move on to a public hearing and only two steps away to promulgation!

After the public hearing vote, it moves on to the Administration and Finance Dept… then it goes to the Governor’s desk for signature! It takes a couple of days after that for the Secretary of State to publish it, as a part of the Massachusetts first amendment to the 9th Edition of the Mass. Building Code. Once published…the Tiny House Appendix-Q will be fully adopted by the state of Massachusetts!

Thank you B.B.R.S. for all your support and providing a pathway of opportunities and a solution for affordable housing in Massachusetts!!