Bradenton publicizes a helpful booklet on zoning. Below is an excerpt followed by a link to the full document.

“Ever wonder why communities enact zoning laws? Zoning regulations are just some of the many tools used in modern community planning for both private and public property. The City of Bradenton utilizes zoning ordinances to logically divide the city into districts, and within each district to prescribe density, intensity, and use parameters for land, buildings, and other structures.

Zoning in the City of Bradenton is guided by two legislatively adopted ordinances, the Land Use Regulations and the FormBased Code. Both ordinances provide development standards for each zoning district including the number of parking spaces, the maximum height of building, and the minimum distance or setback a building must be from the property line.

This handbook was created as a quick reference tool to assist our citizens, businesses, developers, and others in understanding city zoning by providing a basic overview of the regulations using text, maps, and graphic illustrations.”

Minimum House Sizes for Residential Districts
R1: 1500 sq ft
R2 and R3: 800 sq ft

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