To gain acceptance by zoning & planning boards, tiny houses must be recognized as safely constructed. While there are standards for RVs, they are designed for recreational living, not full time residences.

The American Tiny House Association drafted guidelines for tiny houses, but some feel it would be beneficial to formalize them as true standards.

NOAH, the National Organization of Alternative Housing, developed a certification program to inspect tiny houses and ensure there are built to their specifications, which incorporate NFPA 1192, NFPA 70 NEC, ANSI A119.5, and our guidelines.

However, one comprehensive set of tiny house standards that are fully recognized by ANSI may be more readily accepted. To develop these, we would need to follow the ANSI Essential Requirements and become ANSI Accredited Standards Developers. As of 02/29/2016, costs are as follows:

  • One time application fee: $7,500
  • Annual membership fee: $4,090 for companies with less than $1 million annual revenue
  • Annual standards fee: $2,365 per ANSI standard submitted
  • Audit fee: Audits are carried out every five years and the fee is normally included in the standards fee. However, if we submit a standard prior to having been an ANSI member for five years, there may be a separate audit fee for our first audit.

In addition to fees paid to ANSI, our association would be required to carry liability insurance.

The process from application to be a standards developer to acceptance is generally three to four months.

Alternatively, we could ask another ANSI accredited organization to submit/sponsor our tiny house standards for us.

Join the Facebook group, Tiny House ANSI Standards to participate in a discussion of possible standards.
ANSI standards developer