By Dr. Sarah Stebbins

Hi All- I was hoping we would get ahead of the media report on the recent rule change regarding THOW’s. Lori and I have requested the ATHA-OR Building Codes Committee to review the rule change so that we can better respond to the technical questions many of you are now sending our way via e-mail.

What we can say at this moment is that the DMV is being directed to title THOW’s . This will allow builders to resume construction because customers will be able to obtain financing and insurance-this is good news!

Working with our state government partners, we are supporting a bill that will be introduced in the 2019 legislature that will release the state [i.e., BCD] from developing/enforcing building codes. The intention is for the RVIA [Recreational Vehicle Industry Association] to assume responsibility for codes/inspections.

Until this occurs, THOW owners will still have to get a special trip permit and a commercial hauler to move their homes. Please stay tuned-more details are coming which will address your specific technical questions in the coming weeks.

The bottom line is……progress is being made! Is it everything we want? Not yet-however, we are moving in the right direction and have significant support moving forward.

Here’s an article about it:

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