We read an article about a group in Colorado that was successful in acquiring a zoning change to allow a new tiny house community. Kudos to them. But, because the article didn’t specify whether that community would allow tiny houses on wheels, we contacted them to find out.

Nope – as expected, they will allow tiny houses but on foundations only.

During our conversation, the young fellow we spoke to mentioned that the RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) “refuses to play nice with the tiny house movement” (his words) by denying membership to tiny house companies and builders.

Although we tried to explain the reason for this, as told to us by our sources at the RVIA, this young fellow had become convinced the RVIA has unfairly discriminated and excluded the “tiny home” from its membership.

Because others may be equally as uninformed and misled, this compels us to explain via this blog post WHY the RVIA will continue to shy away from allowing members who produce products that are referred to as “tiny houses” or “tiny homes.” (However, the RVIA does allow “tiny home” builders to join as long as their units are built to park model RV standards.)…

“Clearly the RVIA wants HUD and everyone else to know that RVs and the modern tiny home on wheels are NOT the same thing and the RVIA does not (CANNOT) promote nor condone full time living in recreational vehicles. The RVIA only represents RV and park model RV manufacturers, not manufacturers of permanent housing, no matter what they may be called.”

Read more here: http://www.rvbusiness.com/2015/08/n-c-rv-park-offers-take-on-tiny-house-friction/