The City of Madison came up with a new definition for tiny houses on wheels. Rather than RVs, they are “Portable Shelters” in the OM Village project in Madison, WI.

2. Definitions
One challenge is how to fit a “tiny house” into our existing regulatory structure. Staff agreed that going forward “tiny houses” should be defined as “portable shelters”, and that the “residential cooperative village” should be defined as “portable shelter communities”, with the following definitions:

Portable Shelter. Any movable living quarters, no more than 150 square feet in area, used as an individual’s permanent place of habitation. For purposes of this definition, a permanent place of habitation is established when an individual lives in a portable shelter for four (4) consecutive months.

Portable Shelter Community. Any site, lot, parcel, or tract of land designed maintained, intended or used for the purpose of supplying a location or accommodations for more than three (3) portable shelters and shall include all buildings included or intended for use as part of the Portable Shelter Community.

Read the full document: Memo_May_5,_2014