As Sarah Hastings plans to meet with local boards to see if zoning regulations can be changed to accommodate her “tiny house” on a homeowner’s East Street property, local and state officials say they are reviewing how current zoning laws and state building ordinances might be updated to allow the miniature dwellings, which are growing in popularity nationally.

Hastings said last week that she had spoken to Timothy Neyhart, the Hadley building inspector, about a notice of violation she will receive. The notice will give her 90 days to vacate her East Street location.

“I understand what it is and what the steps are to appeal it and amend a bylaw,” she said. “It will take months and months, but I think this conversation is bound to happen. So many people are contacting me saying they’d like to bring a tiny home to the area because they thought it would be a nice area to do so. Now they are worried the zoning is too tight.”

She plans to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals to defend her right to stay.

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UPDATE: Sarah has until May 5th to make her case to the zoning board: