WALSENBURG — In a 5 to 1 vote Tuesday night, Walsenburg City Council approved Ordinance 1045 which will allow tiny homes to be built in R-1 and R-2 zoned residential areas with a variance approved by Planning and Zoning. The ordinance passed this week on first reading, and amends Article XIII of the Zoning Ordinance by adding a section (6.2F) ‘to vary the minimum floor area for single family detached dwellings within R-1 and R-22 Districts’. The amendment says the tiny homes, which are normally 150 to 450 square feet, must be placed permanently on a footer or foundation, and tapped into the city’s water and sewer system separately from any other structure or use on the property. Sprout Tiny Homes, LLC President Rod Stambaugh attended the council meeting and said the company will also be going before the Huerfano County Commissioners seeking similar regulation changes. Council members Rick Jennings, Silvana Lind, Nick Vigil, Clint Boehler and Mayor James Eccher voted in favor of the ordinance.

Source: http://huerfanojournal.com/tiny-homes-will-be-allowed-under-variance/

Code: Walsenburg Ordinance 1045