Breckenridge will soon join the ranks of those communities with “tiny houses” after city commissioners voted to make requested changes to the city’s zoning ordinances to allow seven tiny homes in Breckenridge.

“There was a request to put what’s called a tiny house, if you’ve ever watched a TV show about tiny houses, you know they’re little bitty houses that have a limited number of square feet,” said Breckenridge City Manager Andy McCuistion. “And, currently, our ordinance did not allow that.”

He said City commissioners had earlier adopted the ordinance to allow Intermodal shipping containers that had a minimum footprint of 320 square feet in certain R-4 zoning districts but did not contain the wording for the tiny houses.

“If we had thought about it, we could have added this wording at that time,” McCuistion said. “It’s the same concept. So we contacted our attorney that did our zoning to make sure we had the right wording.”

The wording on the ordinance defines a tiny house as “a single-family detached home that is less than 500 square feet in size. A tiny house on wheels is considered a recreational vehicle.”

It also says a tiny house should have a minimum footprint of 320 feet and be mounted on a permanent foundation. Additionally it says only one tiny house will be allowed per lot.

McCuistion said Kevin Kutnink, the man who requested the changes to the ordinances, wants to put in seven houses.

“This gentlemen that requested that we amend that ordinance has like seven properties that he wants to build houses on,” he said. “We think that’s a good thing for the city.”

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